Friday, May 16, 2008

Nefertem is among us

Work work work. Today was fun, though. We played our last game of Scattergories for the tournament. Joe won, I took second, and Amber came in third. Since Joe won, he got first dibs at prizes, so he took the bongo ball set; I took peanut butter Oreos. We took the bongo ball set out into the hall by the new student lounge and played for about ten minutes. It makes the most hilarious noises--honestly, like somebody playing crappy drums. The ball could be a bit more bouncy, though. It was hard to catch it on a second it didn't really have one.

Just one more day, and I get to see Calvin! I'm terribly excited. I have to clean a bunch tonight, though. It's too bad, considering I spent a good day or two cleaning when we first moved in here. Oh well.
I'm in the middle of doing a bunch of laundry. I just put a $10 bill on my laundry card (I'm so poor, I desperately didn't want to give up that money). I'm washing all the sheets and blankets. Mainly because they need to be washed (they haven't been in a while), but also because I'm sure my body smell is all over them. And don't act like that's gross--everyone has their own smell.

Speaking of smell--just to tie in something I learned in school--some researchers have found that people are more attracted to others that have similar genetically crafted smells to their own. So maybe, just maybe, the only reason you like that one really annoying girl in your history class is because she secrets a particular stench.

Well, I suppose: onward, cleaning!

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