Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lord Henry's friend

Oh my gosh! I'm getting very excited to see Mitch. Just two more nights!

I went to the library after work today. I spent about two hours browsing the bookshelves, breathing in the stench of old pages. And to all those critics who dislike the smell of musty books, I say to you "I cannot like your decision," modeled after Kristen's phrase.
Anyway, I went to the library with the goal of finding The Annotated Classic Fairy Tales and Aesop Without Morales, but I left with three books, only one of which with the correct title (Classic Fairy Tales). The second was still an Aesop book, but it wasn't the particular book I'd aimed to retrieve. Apparently, Aesop without Morals took both the pictures and "meanings" behind his fables, and thus, all the interesting parts. Of course, being the very skeptical agnostic that I am, I enjoy a book devoid of morals (Oscar Wilde and I would get along); however, I feel as if I have not yet reached the cognitive point of creating my own meanings for Aesop's fables. I need some explanation given to me; thus, I chose not Aesop Without Morales, and instead opted for a more descriptive book.
Moving on: the third book I checked out was a public speaking textbook. It seems new (copyrighted in 2008, I would assume it's the latest edition in its series). I figured that, despite my apparently natural feel for good public speaking, I should--in the very least--attempt to hone my technical skills before I tutor others in the Speakers Lab. Not to mention that public speaking is an interesting field, and the book will provide fun reading (and something to do before I leave for Japan).

I've decided something: the library is awesome.

One more thing: I had fish patties tonight. They were surprisingly delicious (and all the grease fell through the cooking grate! Hoorah.).

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