Friday, May 9, 2008

A Less Intense Thor

Mario Kart!
Mitch emailed IT to find out why the internet on his Wii hasn't worked, and we got an email back saying we had to fill out a form. I did so; hopefully it'll get figured out and Mom gets Mario Kart so we can play against each other. How neat is that? Technology is great.

I can't wait to have a pet down here! I have to move off-campus to get one. This is a double-edged sword, of course. Mitch and I will move off campus, get pets, have space, etc., but I'll have to travel to get to school. Our place won't be ridiculously far away by any means, but any travel is inconvenient for somebody like me.

I love CNN. I understand that all media has agendas, but I feel that by watching CNN, I'm at least attempting to understand international politics a little more.

I worked out again tonight. I didn't go to the gym, though--I just did some exercises in the dorm.

Tomorrow we move! Eep.

We played Scattergories at work today for a mental break. Mary decided we're going to have a tournament, and there will be prizes for whoever wins. I'm in second place as of today.

I got my voice lesson grade in today: a 4.0. I'd seriously consider doing lessons next year if they counted toward my fine arts requirement...but alas, they don't.

Oyasumi nasai. I'm strangely exhausted.

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