Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lakshmi may smile yet

I got sick today. I went up to the room for lunch (noodles Mitch cooked last night), played Mario Kart, and when I got back into work, I realized that I had a horrible stomach-ache. I ate way too much. First, my stomach hurt, so I stayed at work until three and then left for Mort. I took a two hour nap (that was supposed to be fifteen minutes), and then I had a headache. It was not a nice evening. I felt like I had the flu (you know, when your whole body hurts).

I wanted to go to the Writing Lab tonight to see how they do things--get a feel for how things are run, etc.--but as I felt like poop, I figured I shouldn't go. I also couldn't go with Mitch to have dinner with Kristi at the Imperial Room downtown. Boo.

I sold three books! The Magic Knight Rayearth box set, my Effective Writing textbook, and a book I was gifted but have no desire to read. Two of the sold books are at home, so Mom has to pay for shipping (sorry, Mommy!). Yay, money in my checking account.

I found out that I only have to take about $6,000 out in loans for my study abroad trip. I figured it was going to be close to $8,000, but A) I'm working full-time and will have some more money saved up by the time I leave, and B) my credit limit just got bumped. Hoorah for good credit (it pays to be diligent and responsible with your finances, kiddies).

While Mitch was downtown, I read The Cat Returns manga. It was every bit as excellent as I expected it to be, although I have to admit that the plot was a little shallower than the plot of the movie. A few things unexplained in the movie were touched on in the book, though, which I enjoyed.

Mitch is back now. I'm watching Family Guy; he's napping against my side. I should probably get him to bed--his internship starts at 7:45 every day!

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