Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's Metis for now

I said goodbye to Beau today.
I also began packing my Urness room. I didn't finish (it seemed to take an awfully long time; I blame Beau's presence for that), so I'll have to finish tomorrow morning. Hopefully, Mitch won't be too ridiculously smashed (it's his 21st birthday).

Speaking of Mitch, we're going out tonight. First, we're heading to Old Chicago (for beer and food), and then we're trekking over to Chino Latino for late-night happy hour. Alan and I are probably going to leave a little after we arrive at Chino's: it'll really be no fun at all sitting there, watching everybody order drinks. I don't expect anyone to get absolutely trashed (Mitch and our friends really don't care for that), but still. There's not much appeal for minors at a bar.

I did essentially nothing today. For good reason: I was with the 9th floor men until 5:30 this morning (I finally left when the sun came out). We played MarioKart for about three hours (it's AMAZING), fixed their room (I spent a half hour watching three guys furiously--and hilariously--attempt to put their beds back on the right rungs), and then talked. I had an amazing time. It's too bad that most of them are leaving for the summer. Eric's staying, and as it seems we have very similar movie tastes, hopefully we'll get together sometime over break.

So anyway, I got to sleep at about 6 A.M. and had to wake up at 10:15 to enter my Interpersonal Comm. exam answers. That only took a few minutes, and then I laid back down until I had to get up once again to go out to eat with Mitch's aunt, Sharon. We went to Ike's downtown, and it was very good's just too bad that I nearly fell asleep in my ketchup.

It's time for me to get ready for Old Chicago now.

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