Sunday, May 11, 2008

I am Arvak

I'm still pooped!

I'm watching CNN again. This time, it's a piece about North Korea. The reporter (the person who went to North Korea to put this piece together) is talking about the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. She interviewed a few North Koreans who said hearing the orchestra (it played a few trademark American pieces--surprising, and a few North Korean traditional pieces) made them change their minds about the U.S. They said that while they don't like how George W. Bush presents North Koreans (savage, evil terrorist-encouragers), they won't dislike Americans themselves anymore. Music transcends divisive politics and economics.
Of course, the treatment of the orchestra was incredibly lavish and totally unlike what most North Koreans ever get to experience (bountiful food, internet connections, lit-up cities). How sad--that once the orchestra leaves, everything will go back to "normal," and that normal for many North Koreans is a desolate, poor, dim existence.

I moved more stuff today. I also washed the rugs. They're fluffy now, so the fuzz comes up in between my toes. Most things from the old room that we're not taking home are over here in the new room now, but I left a few things over there that I'm either unsure about or that I simply didn't care to bring over today. I still have to clean before Mitch gets back, but I've got two weeks to do that, so I'm not worried (although, I am angry that I have to do it all--it's a filthy dorm).

I heated up some of Mom's yummy sausage hot-dish for lunch today. I had two giant bowls of cereal for dinner. Dismal, I know, but I'd just woke up from a nap and I didn't feel like making anything extensive.

I tried to get the Wii's internet to work today, but it's still not doing what it needs to do. Apparently, I'm connected, but it disconnects right away or something. I plan on emailing IT to see if they can help me out.

I'm going to do some work for Kristen now--I've gotta look up school contact information so we can send out recruitment materials. I'm going to watch Larry King Live while I look up the info (he's interview Sidney Poitier!).

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