Saturday, May 3, 2008

Embracing Nyx

I'm home!
Mom made delicious sausage/wild rice hot dish for dinner. I requested it a few weeks back, and had been looking forward to it since then. I was not disappointed. Mitch said he also likes it, but he was full from his family's dinner, so didn't have any of his own.

Mitch opened his present from Mom and Bob tonight: Mario Kart! We played it a bit after dinner, then Mitch left because he was tired (no doubt due to his legal hangover), but he let us keep Mario Kart for the night to unlock stuff. We'll have to re-unlock everything once we get back down to Augsburg, but that's no big deal. Mario Kart is different then, say, Zelda. You can re-start games and it's usually not a huge and annoying undertaking--unless it's an expansive game like Zelda.

I wonder when grades are due. Probably not until next week, but that won't stop me from checking at least twice a day.

I suppose it's time to stop avoiding my bed and go to sleep. It's 2:30-ish, Mom and I have been staring at little karts on a big screen for hours, and I have important stuff to do tomorrow (like read Kingdom Hearts CoM manga and drink tea). Also, Bob's almost home, so a natural break in our activity is about to occur...

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