Monday, May 12, 2008

If it were not for Miss Liddell,

I just got done watching City of God, which basically rocked it up at the Academy Awards. It definitely deserved it. The acting was excellent and the movie as a whole (cinematography, sound) were pretty. The woman who played Anna in I Am Legend (2007) is in City of God as Angelica. She's younger by a few years, and since she wasn't speaking any English, I couldn't concretely tell it was her until I looked it up on the fabulously informative internet.

It's day three of No Mitch. He called me earlier to explain what he did today (at about 12:30, it was like, 7 PM for him): he saw one (or both) of the Berlin Wall(s), he ate cake and drank coffee on top of the Reichstag (the German parliament building), took a bus tour through Berlin, and visited some museums (I can't remember exactly what they was a non-Holocaust-related Jewish museum...).

Barack overtook Hillary in the super delegate count! Of course, by the end of tomorrow she'll have gained a little bit (she's supposed to win big in Kentucky and West Virginia), but the math is still in complete opposition to her bid. She cannot make up the delegate difference. And all this spin about her winning the popular vote is annoying. MICHIGAN AND FLORIDA DO NOT COUNT! When will she understand this?

I have no idea why I haven't mentioned this yet, but all my grades have come in! They've actually been in since Saturday morning. In case you're nosy, I did well. I'm incredibly happy with Lady Luck.

I made myself some pasta for dinner (and there are leftovers, so I'll get to have some tomorrow). It wasn't as good as I'd hoped, but I'll have to deal. I also downed two bowls of the chocolate ice cream Mitch bought me.

Calvin said he'll come to see me this weekend! I'm terribly excited: I haven't seen him since my graduation party, and I've been hankering for some good times (to be exact, "super awesome fun time") with Alan and my old prom date. I'm thinking maybe we'll head downtown for dinner somewhere to start the evening off (he has to work until an undisclosed time).

I went on a third walk-through today: this time with Amber. It was for two PA students. They were both really kind.

Family Guy's on now...I think I'll be going to sleep after it's over, though. I'm awfully tired today.

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