Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'd pick the German Sheperd


When I went in to GameStop with Mom to get my DS (for my birthday), I commented to the worker about Nintendogs, and made a small reference to buying it. He scoffed me, and I felt stupid. But I knew that I shouldn't listen to him: he might know video games, but he was also horribly sexist. He didn't like that I got the pink DS, either.
Anyway, out of curiosity, I looked up Nintendogs today. HA. HAHAHAHAHA. Nintendogs is one of six games given a perfect score by Famitsu, the most respected gaming magazine (and thus, peer-critic) in Japan.
I knew I wasn't making up my excitement.

The reason I brought this up is because A) I'm proud and wanted everybody to know I was right, and B) I'm looking for games to get before I leave for Japan (for, you know, the sixteen hour plane ride). My first choice is The World Ends With You, which is by the same team who did Kingdom Hearts. It's an RPG, but I think I could deal with that. It's being hailed as wonderfully good, and I desperately want to play anything that has connections to Kingdom Hearts.

I did work for Kristen while watching Family Guy. I like this stuff (the work). I enjoy recruiting (even doing just the preparation for it), especially for things that I'm interested in. I once got forty people to sign up for KAUG (my shining accomplishment).

Craig and Sheri picked me up at around three and we drove over to St Paul for Kristi's Twin Cities Girls Choir. The Twin Cities Womans Choir (Encore!) sang as guest performers, and I'll admit I wasn't very impressed. The soloist seemed weak, and although the songs were energized, I strongly feel as though I've heard better many other places.

Sleep time.

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