Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hoothoot: Reaching 20

I went on another walk-along today! It was my fourth, but it was also my first group tour.

I wish I had all the Robot Chicken episodes. I'm not even sure if I'd label it quality television, but there's something incredibly racy about it, which of course attracts me. I am all for racy jokes.

I watched the last two episodes of The Office (I had to catch up). I enjoyed the first, but thought the second was too angsty (Jim, Pam, and Michael got the butt-end of their relative sticks).

I also watched Elizabeth: The Golden Age. It was a different type of Elizabeth movie. I admit to liking the first one more; mostly because I hated that the man in The Golden Age reminded me of the man from the first, and then I wanted to watch the first one...and it was a big spiral of wanting to see the first one again. If you haven't seen either and don't mind quite a bit of historical inaccuracy, I strongly recommend both movies. Both are Academy Award winners, and Cate Blanchett is absolutely fantastic. Apparently, some critics dislike the second, but it's still very worth watching.

A commercial for a new Lara Croft game? It's time for bed. OH WAIT: A Prince Caspian commercial. Eep!

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