Friday, May 23, 2008

Hestia, have mercy


Guess what I did tonight.
I finished moving. Yes sirrrreeeee (and madame), I cleaned the whole two dorms (904, 404), cleaned up the horrible mess (the fridge's defroster thing overflowed), and completed everything else needing to be finished before Mitch can check out of his old room.

He owes me big time. My feet hurt, my mind is wasted, and I nearly bawled twice just thinking of the immensity of the project before me. It took as much time as I assumed it would (about four hours, plus all the time I spent moving stuff two weekends ago), and I'm positively filthy. The bathroom was disgusting, the kitchen is beyond repair, and the living room is a pigsty even with everything moved out. Compared to the "new" room we're in now, 904 seems decrepit and eternally dirty. On the moving-out checklist, it says the floor underneath the fridge is supposed to be clean. Ha! Impossible. I mopped and vacuumed--those stains are not going to come off.
I patched up the walls, then read the back of the bottle: Known by the State of California to cause cancer.
The bathroom floor is nearly black in some places from years of crud nobody cared to clean up ( I strongly believe only men have lived in this dorm since Mort was first built). The shower is stained, the carpet is ruined (and that was before Mitch threw all his toenails behind the bed--now they won't come out), and for the love-of-god will somebody wash the outside of those windows?

Thank goodness our new place is nice. And that was before I washed all the walls with bleach. Now everything is blindingly perfect. All the better to inspire the guilt of Mitchell.
I will demand a present of gratitude no more than $15 in worth.

Despite the nature of this entry, I am quite happy. I signed up for my third tour next week: for a first-year. It's on Thursday (I can't wait!).

My parting advice to incoming students: Be kind; take care of your dorm room.

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