Monday, May 26, 2008

Feet of the mole

Mitch and I are back at Augsburg.
The place is a mess already. Mitch doesn't yet understand my seriousness in keeping the place clean. He threw his things all over the table, his clothes all over the floor (bedroom, hallway, and living room), and he almost didn't wipe down the stove after he finished cooking noodles.

We ate dinner at his parents' house: hamburgers, baked beans, coleslaw (which I didn't eat), and potato salad (which I did eat). Hank begged for my food the whole time, but of course I gave him none. Sheri served angel food cake for dessert. Yum yum yummmmmmmm.

Mom played Mario Kart all day. At least she did something mildly constructive--I pretended to pack for about four hours. It was one of those days. Bob mowed the lawn, so there was a definite spectrum of completing tasks at our house today.

I guess not much out of the ordinary happened. Which is how I like my visits to Milaca to be.
Oh! Except that Justin came to see me. He stopped by for about a half hour; we talked about his plans for this fall, other people's plans. Basically, we caught up.

Diglett dig, Diglett dig, TRIO TRIO TRIO.

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