Friday, May 9, 2008

Eros weighs in again

More Scattergories today! I'm now in third place--Joe overtook me in the standings (Mary's in front, then Joe, me, and Amber). I wonder how long we'll be playing...I've gotta catch up!
Mary's such a neat person. She understands students as people and the needs they have. She realizes that data entry is incredibly dull, and that sometimes (usually in the afternoon--a time I call the afternoon sleepies), we get very tired and need an intellectual pick-me up. Thus, Scattergories.

I went on my second walk-along tour today; this time, with Chue. He's a great guide! I hope people know this. I was careful to critically examine his style to better learn how to be a great guide myself, but I couldn't help notice that he was very adept at connecting with his prospects and their interests.
The girl he gave a tour to is from St. Louis Park. At first sight, I made a poor and very incorrect judgment of her; for that, I am ashamed. She said she loves history and would like to get a degree in either that or medicine (physician's assistant). Her mom told her she won't get a degree in history as there are no jobs in the field, but I politely (and professionally, silently) disagreed. Not only that, we have a great history program here at Augsburg. When the girl's mom later left, I gave the girl some encouragement. I wonder what it's like to have parental influence. I mean, Mom and Bob have their own opinions of things, but I never feel pressure to do one thing or another.

We moved a bunch of stuff over to the new room tonight. It's awesome! Everything is relatively new and clean (it was redone last summer). The sinks are new, the counter tops aren't a hideous red, and the walls don't look disgustingly dirty. Hoorah!
It'd better stay like this once I leave for Japan; I'm going to give Mitch a good talking to about taking care of the room while I'm away.

Speaking of Mitch, I'm going to miss that stinker! He leaves tomorrow evening...
He has class tonight, but after he gets done, we're going to Pizza Luce with Charles and Molly.


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