Sunday, May 4, 2008

Eros for other things

I spent a ridiculous amount of time printing off scholarships today. I filled parts of them out, but I can't complete everything until closer to the 2009 JASC (Japanese American Student Conference).
I read all of the KH CoM manga this evening. It was, as I expected, fantasticly fun, considering my intense love for the series. However, like the previous volumes of the KH manga, the storyline is watered down. I wish they (the writers, artists, whatever) would take the time and the resources to create more than a few volumes per game, in order to make sure the storyline doesn't disappoint people who know what's actually supposed to happen.

I've been nerding for about two hours now. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos (including, but not limited to, all three games' intros/endings). Right now I'm looking through artwork to find my favorites: a few days ago, my computer decided to delete a bunch of files (pictures, music), so now I have to recover them somehow.

I found a KH bracelet (made of crown charms), but it's too much money for me to buy.

I can't wait to have the whole summer (minus 1 month) to read whatever the hell I want, watch anything, work out (I'll be starting Monday), and do everything else I didn't get to do during the normal school year (darn my obsession with grades).
Speaking of grades, I had a dream last night that I got 3.5s in both my Honors classes. I mean, I'm expecting a 3.5 in at least one Honors class, but surely--SURELY not both!

What's with me staying up so late the last few nights?

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