Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Calm Laetitia

I sold The Power of Myth! In case I haven't mentioned it before, The Power of Myth was a book we used in the first unit of Liberating Letters (The Odyssey, archetypes, and the monomyth).
I'll ship it tomorrow and in a few weeks, reap my probably very meager reward (curse's commission).

Today at work, Amber and I took the cart to deliver things to registrar, then rode it back to Christensen. We then went downstairs to the re-use table and picked up an old typewriter. We brought it back to the office, plugged it in, but it was broken, so we left it on the cart for somebody less lazy than we to take it back downstairs.

I gave my first tours today! At 10:30, I--along with Drew--gave a group tour to about twelve sixth graders from St. Paul. From what I hear, they were more well-behaved than most high school groups. Anyway, it was definitely the cute point in my day: the kids asked me questions like "Can I go to the mall whenever I want?" and "Do my parents have to live here with me?" And for the last ten minutes of the tour, three boys incessantly asked me if they could have girls in their rooms.
My second tour was for a PA student (or, like they all are, possible PA students as none have them have actually been accepted yet). She was quiet, but asked many good questions. She was also kind, so I ended the day on a pleasing note.
Before I left Anderson after my tour, I picked up a resume cheat-sheet from the Center for Service Work and Learning. I figured that although the sheet's mainly about job-resumes, it can't help for me to have extra pointers in crafting my activities resume.

I finished reading Peter Pan! I mentioned that the live-action film with Jeremy Sumpter is surprisingly pretty faithful to the book; I stand by that today. However, there are parts of the book that even a non-Disney movie won't include: fairies having orgies, incredible accounts of racism...

I ate a bunch of baked beans for dinner, and then made brownies as a late-evening snack. Of course, I didn't finish them all, so I'll have goodies for tomorrow and probably the next day.

I unlocked Dry Bowser! I finally received a star on the 150 cc Special Cup. Now I only have one character to unlock: Mii, costume #2.

I got bored at about 9:30, so I called Mom and talked to her for about two hours. She was playing Mario Kart online (something I still can't do, thanks to the strangeness of Augsburg's network).
All in all, it was an excellent day. Hoorah!

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