Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bundles of bangles I don't need

I started reading my public speaking textbook! It (the field of public speaking) seems to be built along the same sort of learning-lines as other areas of communication studies. I read through the entire first chapter (while Mitch teased me), and then went online and completed a practice test (where I got two wrong out of thirty) and a crossword puzzle. I couldn't think of the "proper" term for a speech's setting; apparently, it's "situation," but of course that's only according to this specific textbook. I'm sure other books call it "context," "environment," and other words.

Amber and I did as much work (that Mary wrote down for us) as we could. Other people around the office used us for odd jobs, so it was a little hard to stay on task, but the odd jobs were a nice break from data entry.

Mitch and I argued about what we're going to do this weekend. It took about a half hour, but we decided that instead of going to the Yoshida Brothers concert at the Cedar Cultural Center, he would buy me presents (for moving all his stuff), and then tomorrow, we'll go to a Norwegian film at The Uptown. During the actual weekend, we'll watch all the Netflix movies that have been sitting dormant for weeks (I agreed to watch Mission Impossible if he watches Pom Poko--a studio Ghibli film).

I gave a tour today! Not only are tours fun in themselves, but they also provide good public speaking practice (limiting verbal fillers, keeping what I say specific and interesting...).

I need a new vacuum. Mine sucks (rather, doesn't).

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