Saturday, April 5, 2008

(Ur) Sin

Tonight we had the WomanVoice concert. It was pretty neat, and I admit it went by faster than I thought it would, considering we got there a half hour early, had an hour-long mass choir practice, and then sang through twenty-five songs.
My voice was shot by the end of the whole thing, but I got to hear a few neat songs: I particularly liked the first one the U of M choir did: the choir did sort of a backup to a beautiful soloist. I closed my eyes to let my audible senses take over.
Nancy said their choir was made up of a lot of upper-class women, so we shouldn't feel bad that they sounded better than we did. I didn't feel that way, anyway. They have 50,000 students to choose from. We have 4,000. Not that I'm complaining. I'm actually a person at Augsburg. It also doesn't take me a half hour to walk to class.
I really do love Augsburg.

I saw Jonathan from Effective Writing at the concert tonight. It looked like he was particularly interested in a specific girl from the U of M, but I could have just been imagining it. It was nice to have someone to internally giggle at the whole time though: it helped the concert pass faster.

After the concert, Mitch took me to Applebees, where we had sort of a double-date (although not officially) with Charles and Rachel. We took advantage of the half-price apps; I also had a cherry Pepsi (with grenadine) and a spoonful of Mitch's dessert: an Oreo shake.

After I get done blogging, Mitch and I are finally going to watch Gangs of New York. He's seen it before, and I've seen little bits and pieces of it, but I've never seen the film in its entirety. It's always on TV, but I never catch it at the beginning. I'm excited. Like most films I watch, it was nominated for a bunch of apparently prestigious crap.

Tomorrow, Mitch is going to the Twins game for the KAUG retreat, so I'm going to pound away on my Liberating Letters jury ballot. I'll probably also work on my Small Group Communication reflection for our activism portfolio.

I should have thought of this before, but most No, I Am a Cat entries have cleverly crafted titles with one or more layers of meaning. Some have alliteration, some refer to current or past events, some refer to mythological beings or objects.
I hereby send a challenge to my readers to uncover the meaning, significance, or reason behind past, current, and future No, I Am a Cat entry titles. Keep in mind some titles are nonsense--they may simply be poetic. In that case, tell me what you thought of after running the title through your head a few times.
I should also disclose that not all titles have connections to the actual entry. I've never been a large fan of revealing myself in disclaimers, so the majority of my titles are unrelated to what I actually discuss via blog, but I occasionally slip up.
You can start with today's entry title: (Ur) Sin. I'll be waiting for your conjectures.

O-yasumi nasai, my lovely readers.

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Alan said...

Now you blogs have become that much more fun. Ur, was an ancient Mesopotamian city. One of the earliest to have been discovered so far. The cities ruins are marked by a ziggurat. The Ziggurat of Ur was a temple to the moon goddess Nanna(or Illuminator), also known as Sin. The city is located in southern Iraq, and the ziggurat, the only major remains of the city, is now over 4000 years old.

Ziggurat is an amazingly fun word. Roll it around in your mouth for while, taste it.