Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Twelve vengeful deities live on a high point

I mailed approximately 40 letters today. Woopa!
I just got done making more--printing everything off, sealing them in envelopes. Now, not only am I out of envelopes (I used up all of Mitch's, too), but both my black and color inks are low. I console myself with the reminder that it would be impossible to print all this stuff off at the library, seeing as how I have to change what each letter says before I print if off, and then...oh wait a minute. I could have copied and pasted the second document into the first document's file and then...

Ah well. My small group met tonight at 8:30 to go over our presentation and compile our portfolio. Kyle, who's got the portfolio, didn't make it for unknown reasons. I hope he didn't get into an accident or something. Maybe traffic was terrible. I'm not sure if our presentation will hit the 40 minute mark, but I'm sure it will--we went the whole hour last time. Now that the meeting's over, I realized we should have some class participation or discussion so it doesn't get too present-y.

Today in Interpersonal Comm., we talked about conflict styles. I've decided--based on the evidence presented in our textbook--that I exhibit typical male conflict behaviours, and Mitch exhibits typical female conflict behaviours. When the argument gets heated, I leave or stop talking. Mitch, on the other hand, wants to talk through it immediately.

Somebody's been sleeping in a tent out in the quad lately. Nobody I've talked to has any idea what it's for, but we can only guess it's some sort of homeless-ness awareness ploy. I wonder what specifically it's for, though. Allison Nelson guessed it was maybe something the Peddlers for Peace are doing (A group of Augsburg bicycle riders who went down to New Orleans over spring break to tune themselves into the raggedness and injustice that is still taking place inside the city). They're presenting their insights tomorrow in the Christensen Center--so maybe I can find out if the tent thing was their idea.

Kristen said there would be a speaker during chapel on Wednesday who'd talk about the environment or something green/eco like that, so I will be in attendance. Mainly because I get extra credit for it if I write a response, but I'm sure it'll be a nice break from my usual schedule anyway.

As if I have a usual schedule. :)

Oh! One more thought: I love writing group papers. We have to write a research paper for Interpersonal Comm., and it's due next Thursday, but it's no biggy. All each of us (in my group) has to do is write a three-pager on the section of nonverbal communication we personally chose.
I agreed to do the final editing. That means we'll have roughly both next Tuesday and Thursday to work on our presentations.

Two more thing: next week = music. Tuesday is Mitch's band concert, Thursday is the opera with Cherish, Friday is a Riverside concert, Saturday is a collaboration with St. Ben's in the morning and then a concert at night (but I can't go because of Spring Music Jam...which is also music), and then Sunday is our final Riverside concert. Nancy may also be making us get up early and sing at her church. (Growl).

I'll leave you with this:
today in Effective Writing, we split up into teams based on our decisions concerning this problem:
In no particular house, two people (in a family) shared a bedroom right below the attic. In the attic, there was a window; that window's was broken; through that hole, two starlings entered, built a nest, and hatched young. The two humans below began to be woken up by excessive chirping and wing-beating noises at early hours of the morning. In an effort to push back their wake-up time, the people--while the parent birds were away somewhere--boarded up the window so the starlings could not get back inside to their young. The baby birds then starved to death.
Should what the humans did be considered cruelty to animals?

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