Monday, April 14, 2008

Tiamat, don't cry

Tonight, I had the Honors banquet. It was a nice time: I got to eat delicious food and watch Whitney blow a silly looking horn. However, I must admit the whole affair was largely boring for us first years--except when they (being the speakers) would mention something about Crockett. Or the usual "you have so much to learn" lines. Otherwise, it was a graduating-senior fest; which, of course, is what those things are supposed to be about, but that doesn't make it any less dreary.
I wonder who we'll have as senior speakers.

Mitch and I are watching Ratatouille; I agree that it is a very cute, thankfully original plot, but to beat out Persepolis? I just don't know about that. Ratatouille follows the usual Disney-esque storyline, in that the beginning has some issues, then everything goes well for a while, then the characters fight (or whatever), and then a resolution. It is always this way. Always. I hoped Ratatouille wouldn't be so. Otherwise, I'm enjoying it immensely. The art is beautiful.

Mitch has an internship interview tomorrow! I'm so proud of him. He'll rock it up, I'm sure.

I got quite a bit done earlier today: I wrote the draft of my individual Interpersonal Comm. group research paper, I read the whole constitution packet for Liberating Letters, and took a nap in the sun. I included that last bit since indulging myself is incredibly hard for me, so when I do it, I revel in my will power.
I have to decide which textbooks to keep after this semester ends. I'm not going to keep the Small Group Comm. book for sure--it's incredibly wordy, and while a good book for class, it's not a great bed-time reader; I'm seriously considering keeping my Interpersonal Comm. book; it's got a lot of neat stuff in it that's just fun to know.
Kristen said she wants to borrow my copy of Dorian Gray; I'll probably end up keeping that--at least for a little while: it was only about $4 to begin with, so receiving $2 or less back for it truly does not seem worth it. At least if friends want to read it.

I have many things to do before this semester is completely finished, but I must tell myself that it's not all so bad. I can do it. The trial will be my hardest individual piece of work. Luckily, we're on defense and thus don't have to create charges (that's a bitch).

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