Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Terpsichore End

Reeeeddd herrriiinnnnggg.

Politicians commit this fallacy all the time: "I'm glad you asked me about the loss of American jobs to foreign countries. Let me tell you about my admiration for the productivity of American workers."

The second statement had nothing to do with the question that was initially asked! Sure, it's in the same broad topic--that being work--but it surely doesn't answer the question.

I'm studying for my Effective Writing and Liberating Letters exams. Both are tomorrow, and I feel a little better about them now that I've got in a bit of real studying.
Bob told us there will be some questions on his exam about nicknames and Pygmalion in Six Degrees of Separation, but he wouldn't tell us what the answers were. I fretted for days, until finally, today, I keyword searched both questions and found a reasonable answer for one, and an OK (maybe I can b.s.) answer for the other. I'm sure Effective Writing will be fine. I tend to be the last one done with his exams, but I've always performed spankingly well.
Colin emailed me tonight and said I could turn my essay in by noon on Friday; this way, he can meet with me tomorrow to talk over some questions I have.

I made the mistake of eating a turkey sandwich and a bowl of cereal today for lunch: both contain that sleepy chemical that you're warned about every Thanksgiving. I've heard a rumor that the chemical doesn't actually make you sleepy, or that it's not in turkey, but in any case, I got extremely sleepy today at work--until I made tea. It didn't have caffeine, so the whole waking-up-because-I-drank-tea was imaginary.

Admissions is throwing an ice cream party for staff/student workers on April 30th. Hoorah! I hope they get my kind of ice cream (mint with chocolate chip).
I had three bowls of chocolate ice cream (the kind that Mitch got me) tonight while taking a study break. Mmmm! Lactose!

Today was our last day of choir class. We still have to sing in chapel on Friday, but that's nothin' (but an early morning). We turned in all our music, our dresses, and then "shared our feelings" for a half hour. Apparently Rachel, one of the second altos, has a WONDERFUL voice. She's really got some attitude in how she sings. She told us how she got some sort of deal/internship/awesome thing at some singing/songwriting place over the summer. Way to go her! I never knew she was so talented. It makes me wonder about other people...

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