Sunday, April 6, 2008

the Sun, he tattled

I went home today!

Mitch has a dinner in St. Cloud tonight for his great-aunt's retirement. He'd planned on going over to St. Cloud with his parents, meaning he had to meet them in Milaca.
After he got back from the KAUG retreat, he asked me if I wanted to go with him. I decided yes; Alan's up north this weekend and I've got laundry to do. The ride home went incredibly quickly; he dropped me off at my house at 5:15. Mom was busy cooking venison sausage and potatoes (the entire eventual dinner was delicious).

I did stuff on the computer most of the night--I finished my Small Group Comm. reflection. I completed my entire Liberating Letters jury ballot before Mitch and I left, so now I have Monday to proofread it and make sure it's spectacular before turning it in on Tuesday. I figured out, based on the syllabus, that I can only miss about fifty more points and still get a 4.0. My expectations are a 3.5 (no less than that), but if I shoot for the 4.0, I'll at least feel as if I impressed Bob.

I wanted to watch the Pokemon move (Destiny Deoxys) I got from Netflix, but it's scratched or broken or whatever; it stops playing and won't continue after about five minutes. Poo! It's very late--I just got done deleting about a gig of useless information from my computer. Hoorah!

The Star Wars movies have been on a lot recently. In light of their excessive use of guns, I ask this question: what will be the next big weapon advancement? When will we cease to use guns in battle and begin to use much more powerful, yet compact weaponry? Or will compact weaponry still be used?

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Alan said...

Soon we will harness the latent energy in all matter around us with devices implanted in our heads, and direct it at our enemies.

Very possibly, weaponry will advance to the point where it is all about deterrence. Things that will be possessed by different nations and warlords will be so destructive and horrible that if they are ever used it will bring about the end of civilization.