Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Shiva's got a great love story

I had a pretty good day. Apart from the whole freaking out time.

Small Group Communication went well: the group presented on diversity in Minnesota schools (specifically, how many schools in Minneapolis have been closed, and the reasons behind this aren't as straightforward as it would seem). Apparently, if a student first goes to some place like North High, later finds out they don't want to attend there anymore (North is a rough neighborhood), and then starts going to a different school, their leave counts as a "dropout" from North, even though the student went on to graduate at a different school.

After Small Group, I walked back to Christensen to sign up for an interview time, and OH-EM-GEE: the quad was packed with students. I mean, literally: packed. Where did they all come from? It's rare that I see that many people in one place at Augsburg; the only other times have been during Auggie Days, when Hillary Clinton came to campus, and during the fall barbecue. So anyway, I frantically rushed upstairs, grabbed my camera, and fled back downstairs to the quad to snap pictures of people doing what everyone was there for: spray-painting white t-shirts to say things like "riot," "unity," and "revolt against racism." I made a shirt, too--but all they had left was larges, so it looks like I'll be using it as a night-time shirt. Mine has two men holding hands, a person with tape over her mouth (and underneath, it says "Democracy for Burma,") and the word "riot" randomly all over. I heard they're doing it again tomorrow, but they have only about fifty shirts left, which means they probably have only one or two smalls. I'll have to rush there incredibly fast to snag one.

Voice lessons went well; Susan said I didn't have to go to a third studio class (apparently, all students were given a freebie). Woohoo!

I got three extra credit things done tonight: a speaker review for Interpersonal, a speaker review for Small Group, and a bunch of random stuff for Effective Writing. Too bad there's no extra credit for Liberating Letters...I really need it in that class!

The current (and final for the year) issue of The Echo is one that, I think, exemplifies Augsburg. I wonder if I should grab a copy for Lily to read while were at the Drive In in a few weeks...

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