Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sappho rolled in her grave

"It's like a car crash and I can't look away."
"Try being in the car."
--Alex, me during Liberating Letters

Yes, it was that bad. We are positive we'll not win the case; and although this upsets me very much (a few members of the jury were bias from day one), it only reinforces my pre-existing beliefs about the nature of certain people, which at least gives me stability and assurance.
Beau brightened my spirits after class, with a text recognizing the difference between my "pretty" dress, and the icy look on my face.

I met with Colin this afternoon (3:45) to talk about my argumentation and literary analysis papers. He gave me some really good feedback, and I'm positive that I'll get a couple of good grades on both. He also asked me what my major is, I told him, and he said good. He also told me I should go into Political Science, I said I'm thinking International Relations, and he said good enough. This makes me feel good, as a "Comm. Studies/IR" vibe is exactly what I'd like to give off.

Today during an Interpersonal Comm. presentation, somebody said "As you can see, ____(a name I can't remember) is not normal." This was in reference to a homosexual.
I like to chillax and wonder about the future. When will people of different sexual orientation be accepted fully? Are blacks even accepted as they should be? I don't think so. Racism still runs rampant in the United States.
Will we (referring to U.S. inhabitants, as well as across the world) ever truly get past issues of difference? History tells me "no." This is as it has always been, and if I'm as trusting of history as I claim to be, it will always be thus.
Too bad, really.

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