Saturday, April 19, 2008

Noctowl, Hypnosis

The concert wasn't soooo bad. Except for a few things that surely only bothered me because I came down with an extreme case of exhaustion earlier today. The medical field needs to come up with a firm diagnosis for exhaustion. It's something people (speaking from personal, bias experience) can really suffer from.
Anyway, Nancy's children's choir did a weird piece about water. The whole song was supposed to be an imitation of water noises (a river, a lake, raindrops). I'm not sure how I feel about it, but one thing is for certain: I enjoyed it, but didn't like it.

I feel like crap. It's only 9:30 and it feels like I've been awake for days. My body hurts, I can't think about anything positively, and I feel sick to my stomach in a I-can't-eat-but-I'm-so-hungry type of way. I don't think I've caught anything in particular...

The presenting group today in Small Group talked about domestic violence. It was a particularly good presentation. Most of the presentations have been; I've been incredibly impressed with all but one of the groups' activism projects.

I can't wait until summer for the following reasons: I get to read other things than textbooks (which isn't to say I don't enjoy my current Interpersonal Comm. book is very fun), I get to finish Diamond and possibly start God of War (or play through the KH series once more...although I'm sure that would take more than a couple months), I get to go to Japan (OH EM GEE), I get to spend a few weekends up in Milaca where traffic means five cars in a minute, and I get to do everything else not possible during the school year, like not having to worry about homework. Granted, I'll still be working full time, but what's that against working 20 hours a week and taking six classes (voice lessons count, you disbelievers!)?

My eyes are closing now...

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