Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mnemosyne versus Lethe


That is how I feel.

Back up:

We finally got the computer back in the Communication Studies office; that means I can order all the things that have needed to be ordered for weeks! It also looks as if I need to find trophy companies for David Lapakko, who had me do that speech-searching-project-thing about a month ago.

Kristen gave us a lot of group time to get things organized during Small Group Communication. My group finalized the division of labor for our activism project. I'm sure it will go well.

I had WomanVoice practice today from 2:30-5:30 in Ted Mann Hall at the U of M. It didn't seem as long as three hours--so that made me a little happy. However, all my good spirits about the whole things are dampened when I remember I have a concert on Friday. Wait, not only that: I have choir rehearsal, then a concert.

After WomanVoice practice, I booked it back to Augsburg to meet up with Mitch and Alan, who were taking me to the Twins (versus Angels) game. Everything was hunky dory until we pulled into the parking garage by the Metrodome: I then realized I didn't have my student ID. I also had lost my keys, fab, driver's license, credit card, check card, $10 in cash, and my laundry card.
I panicked: I called Mom first to tell her the bad news, then I called the Welcome Desk to see if anybody could find my stuff (I was 90% sure I'd left them in the workroom) but nobody answered, then I called Wells Fargo and cancelled both my credit and check cards--just to be safe. I was so stressed, I got gassy.
Little did I know, however, that a kind email from Amber Davis was sitting in my AugNet inbox with the message "You left your keys in Admissions."
So here I am: we got back from the game, Alan left, we're up in the room, and I'm venting about my utterly annoying mishap.
In hindsight, cancelling my cards was the most responsible thing I could have done. I can take time to apply for another check card, but I do not have the money to pay for fraudulent spending. However, I also should have realized I could've had Mom check my email--just to see if anybody had emailed me about my misplaced items.
As I did not think of that, I now have to reapply for my cards.

I'm going to sleep now; I can feel myself becoming crankier and crankier.

P.S. The game was incredibly fun, even though we lost in a disappointing display of terribly lax offense. Alan and I talked about days with Pokemon; he had some pretty clever ideas (such as petting his Flaaffy to produce eco and money-friendly electricity).

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