Thursday, April 10, 2008

I know why Cait Sith is Scottish

I have now reconciled with Calvin.
(Dat da da da daaaaaaaaaaaa)--to the tune of the Final Fantasy fanfare.
It all began with a quick check of Facebook after work today. Because it was beautiful out today, I was feeling particularly good about things, so I decided to spy in on my former prom date's profile. Little did I know the first post on his wall would be about me! It was from Miles D. from Foley; he commented on how I "have serious acting chops," and "should try them out in NYC or something." What a ridiculously great surprise! It truly made my day.
I then posted "BOOBS." on Calvin's wall right above that, and the conversation ensued. All night.
I'm ecstatic.

Anyway, what else did I do tonight? I did my Effective Writing homework, which consisted of revising essay #2 and creating a claim-frame for essay #4. I then attempted to read some of the packet(s) Bob gave us for this next section, but the beginning of the first was incredibly boring and thus, I lost my interest and gave up. It doesn't help that the Twins were kicking major tush, so it was hard to pay much attention to anything.

Mom was online tonight, so I got to talk to her a bit. I also played a titch of Diamond, although my conversation with Calvin took up most of the time I could actually do anything productive in the game. I leveled Via, my Prinplup, up to 33, and Pallas, my Ponyta up to 29. Ajax (Luxray) and Quil (Staraptor) were also boosted one level. I decided the move Close Combat is pretty freakin' awesome--at least when a flying/normal type can execute it.

Choir was good fun today. We tried plucking out the notes for Spain (which we're still doing, despite the overwhelming hatred for it), although I'm highly doubtful we'll get them when the tempo's picked up. I shouldn't assume, though. We might surprise me.

I saw Lily at Augsburg this afternoon! She and her mother were sitting on a bench outside. She was visiting as part of the Sneak Preview day, where accepted/deposited/whatever students can come and take assessment tests, meet with faculty and activity chairs, and take in more of the general vibe of Augsburg.
I've heard so many stories of people coming for visits, not knowing if they wanted to go to Augsburg, and after the visit, being 100% sure they were. There's just something wonderful and personal about this campus and this college.

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