Monday, April 7, 2008

I bet Arshes Nei rides a Raikou

I only got to mail two donation request letters!
Also, I realized I've sealed approximately 30 letters in envelopes...without having signed them. Bravo, Alison. Braaaaavoooo.
I did a bunch more tonight; I have two enormous stacks of them waiting to be mailed. I don't have nearly enough stamps to cover all the letters, so I'm just going to take them to the mail room, ask them how much I owe, and tell them to handle it all for me.
I sold my copy of Death Note Volume 1, so I have to mail that tomorrow as well. That was a quick sale..I'd only put it up on Amazon yesterday. I guess that's what I get for being the lowest priced seller.

We got a couple new songs today in choir; one's In My Room by the Beach Boys. I don't mind it; it's not the greatest, but it's better than A Palette to Paint Us As We Are...that hideous work of crap. It could have worked as simply a piano piece, but vocally, it's truly not nice to listen to.

Mitch had a bunch of meetings tonight, but he made me potatoes for dinner before he left. I was busy writing my Effective Writing essay (which I'm sure isn't very well done). It's completed now, but I don't trust it get me a very kind grade. I did pretty well on my last essay, and I get to revise it for free; that's due Thursday, so I'll just bank on getting a higher grade on that, and then another high score on my final paper.
I proofread my Liberating Letters jury ballot; I can't miss any points! I don't think I'll miss many if I do--my conviction rocks. I said a bunch of stuff like "It is impossible to prove Lord Henry corrupted Dorian," and "Dorian himself blamed the portrait and his own lust for moral depravity."

I thought about calling up Alan or Ember or somebody to come over and help me with my donation request letters, but I figured that would be cruel. "C'mon over and work on something that doesn't remotely concern you!"

I was kept very busy today at work. Bob had stuff for me to take over to the copy center in Christensen, everybody gave me stuff to order, the silly supply website wasn't working...I got to talk to a tech-helper through a chat box. It was neat. Every business/organization should have a couple of those people. It's incredibly convenient.

I took one of Mitch's yogurts today, but forgot to eat it. Don't tell him! I'm not supposed to take from his stock.

Final question of the evening: Pokemon or Digimon?
I lied; here's the final question: Did Beavis and Butthead have any influence--however remote--on the newer, more harsh adult cartoons such as Robot Chicken and Family Guy?
What about South Park? Did it play a part? Which adult cartoon (how about Ren and Stimpy? and don't give me this "that was for children" crap), in your mind, ushered in the popular trend of adult cartoons we watch today?

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