Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hide-and-seek with Pathos

"Can you believe it?"

No, but seriously. I got a huge freakin' amount of things done tonight. I was the Master of All That is Productive. I sent out another donation request letter (I somehow forgot the Drive In the first time through), compiled and edited the Interpersonal Comm. group research paper, solidified my registration plans for tomorrow (I can't wait!), and other things that for some reason, can't remember.
I also got another gift of money in the mail. Don't let me forget to send a speedy thank-you card!

I didn't really get any time to loaf and play Diamond or watch Across the Universe (poor Mitch, he always rents movies and we never get to watch them), but at least I spent the time doing things that needed to be done. Oh! Another thing I did: filled out my Augsburg Abroad forms.
My CIEE counselor extended my medical form deadline by a month (now due June 1), bless his soul. Otherwise, it's due May 1 and there is simply no way I'd be able to get to a doctor with my insurance card (Mom has it) by then.

We're still doing activism presentations in Small Group Comm. The group today spoke on homelessness; they did interviews with people, which I thought was a wholly neat idea. I admit the whole presentation was a little rough on my emotions for reasons I'll not delve into right now, but I got through it. Mostly.

Know what's ridiculous? After this week, I have only one week left of class. Of course, after that, I have finals, but those don't count. Even though I have five of them. :(

I go sleep now.

Oh wait, one more thing. All y'all should check out this news story on Augnet: https://augnet.augsburg.edu/news-archives/2008/04_13_08/camper.html
It's very inspiring. I love Augsburg.

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