Friday, April 25, 2008

Hajimemashte, Shizuku-chan

I got a card from Kristen thanking me for being the work study. How nice!

I had my interview with Devon for a student ambassador position this summer: I got it! I get higher pay as a student ambassador, but it's really only a few hours out of my overall forty. I'll still be working for Mary and for Kristen.

I went to the Honors Suite after work in the Comm. Studies office; Beau was there (hoorah!). For some reason, the Lib. Letters test is always easier the second day around. And I'm not just talking about the extra time I got to think about the questions...there's just something a little more relaxed about taking it in the Honors Suite on my own time. Strange...
Beau left when I was about halfway done with the rest of my test; thankfully, Alex came in to keep me sane (the House Presidents were meeting...some of the discussion was particularly annoying). Even though Bob sat directly in front of us, Alex and I chatted while we took the test.

Tonight, Mitch is going downtown to watch some guy's band play somewhere. I'll be taking his absence as an opportunity to watch WHISPER OF THE HEART (which I hope I'll love) and possibly read the second volume of the CoM manga.

It was the last day of class today. 24 hr. quiet hours also start tonight at 10 PM...too bad they didn't start earlier: the jerks that thumped their bass at 11 PM the other night are doing it again. I'd call DPS and report them (there is always 24 hr. courtesy hours in place), but as I don't even really live in Mort, I wouldn't have much sway.

Time for the last of my chocolate ice cream.

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