Friday, April 18, 2008

Good Euterpe


Cherish came to Augsburg a little after six to get ready (change clothes, put on makeup). Mitch came back a few minutes before we left for the Ordway at 7:05. We rushed to find the Xcel Energy Center (she said she only remembered how to get to the Ordway because of the Xcel), parked, and then booked it through masses of Wild fans to make it in time for the overture. We did, with the help of a few kind attendants who waved us in and sat us quickly. As soon as we sat down, the lights began to dim and Rusalka began.
I cannot express how awesome it was. The technicality of the whole production was incredible: during the underwater scenes, I felt like the characters were literally enveloped in waves. The singing began, and I was a little put-off (as it was my first opera), but I soon forgot that the performers were singing at all. It was like watching a foreign film with subtitles and forgetting the subtitles are there. It felt like they were speaking--and in English. Rusalka was a familiar, yet new story that ended very emotionally.
The Ordway itself was a treat: beautiful panelling, sparkly things everywhere (chandeliers, etc.), and polite people (no doubt owing to the type that frequents operas).
After Cherish dropped me back off at Augsburg, I bolted upstairs and told Mitch "I wanna go to a lot of operas."

The rest of my day was hardly as exciting as seeing Rusalka. My Interpersonal group rocked up our PowerPoint, Effective Writing went slightly less well than normal, and Liberating Letters was interesting.
Oh yeah: thanks goes to Jas for finding and saving me a small white shirt to spray paint on today. I found her running toward me by Old Main, she handed me the shirt, and I ran back over to the quad to put things like George Bush on crossbones and "Rise Against Racism" on my new, fitting tee.

Tomorrow's Friday, which to most people means a weekend break, but to the dozens of Riverside Singers including myself, it means too many concerts.

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