Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fates and Hours

I love my small group! Today was our first in-class day to work on our final presentation. It, like most other projects, seemed to come together quickly: we all had a similar general idea of what we should do, and tasks were split up according previous knowledge and interest.

You will not believe how much I got done tonight. I kicked major homework ass. I wrote my second concert report and my apology letter to Nancy; I finished the Interpersonal Comm. PowerPoint, created a handout and a division of labor, and compiled exam questions; I edited (but only a bit) my Effective Writing essay and fixed the hyphen/dash errors in our hyphen/dash activity; I made tomato soup and apples with cinnamon and sugar (I know that's not schoolwork, sue me); I typed up my final group review and my individual final presentation outline...and that's all I can remember right now.

Guess what I discovered? That my Augsburg Abroad cost estimate forms were due last week! C'mon, Ali, can't you see deadlines that are written in BOLD?
I emailed the Enrollment Center, pleading for them to let me turn it in late. I cannot go to Japan without those loans!!!!!

Whisper of the Heart comes tomorrow, and on Wednesday, I get my Forever21 stuff. Mom's so nice to help me buy clothes for Japan.
I'm not sure if I've talked about this or not, but maybe I should mention it: in Japan, it is uncustomary for women to smile at strange men, or be hoochies in general. My summer wardrobe is by no means disgustingly skimpy, but it's typically American--meaning that I own a few miniskirts and some halter tops. Well, it would not be OK for me to wear those things in Japan--at least if I don't want to be labeled the slutty American (and thus, put myself into danger).

I sat outside for about a half hour this afternoon between work shifts (I didn't have choir today), and Teresa Barnhill came along and told me how a few women from her study abroad trip always talk about how they're going to get smashed every night at the local bars.
Not wise, my friends. Getting smashed in any foreign country is a no-no, unless you're with someone who is sober enough to tell you you're gonna get kidnapped if you don't walk away from this guy who keeps buying you drinks.

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