Saturday, April 12, 2008

Embracing Pan, Eros, and Agape

Tonight, Mitch and I ate pizza at a cute little place in Plymouth for his uncle Russ' 60th birthday. It was the third time I've had pizza in the last two days, as last night, Alan, Tony, Brian, and I went to Pizza Luce and picked up a couple slices (I got a slice of veggie and a slice of cheese). Since I didn't finish both my pieces, I had one today for lunch--although I was still hungry so Mitch made me rice. :)
Anyway, the pizza at the cute little place in Plymouth was pretty good. So were the breadsticks. Kore wa oishii desu! (Although, that's in present tense).

Last night was a blast. Mitch had class until about 9:30, so in the meantime, the rest of us watched Metropolis--which is a spectacularly beautiful movie--and then played the tank game (Katie showed up a little while before Mitch got there). I started reading my latest copy of EGM, although a large portion of the mag talked about games I don't truly care for. Not my type of styles.

I had study abroad orientation today from 10 AM til 1 PM (although it only lasted until noon). I didn't expect it to be as informative as it was (I assumed it would be boring--but who doesn't assume things like that about "sessions?"). I got a lot of great resources and thought about some stuff I might not have otherwise thought to bring/do. However, I felt I was decently prepared going into the orientation, having spoken with Rob (bless his heart; yeah networking!) and done outside research (<3 Japan).

I can't wait to see Calvin and Alan. I mean to say, I see Alan all the time, but being with the two together is something that cannot be replicated by just one. Of course, I love being with each separately, as I do with all my friends (there's something about one-on-one that gives you a different, more personal view of each person), but together, the whole system of fun works to a greater degree.

Tomorrow night, at six, is the Honors banquet. I'm going, but before that, I have to complete a 3 page (that's nothin') paper on the olfactory (smell) senses in communication for Interpersonal.
Wait: I shouldn't say I "have" to. I should say I "get" to. It's nice learning new things.

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