Tuesday, April 22, 2008

East Story

The first part of our last Lib. Letters trial started today. It was extremely heated, and during the Prosecution's closing statement, I stupidly and very rudely let out a "ha!" I felt terrible, and still do. I sent the Prosecution an apology. I didn't mean for it to slip out, and I'm not entirely sure I know what I was even laughing about, but it happened--and, as I know so well, communication is irreversible.
Anyway, Bob gave us a talking-to after both closing statements. He said that we weren't approaching literary analysis correctly: that we had to differentiate between textual and contextual analysis, and that we can not offer contextual reasons for claims made textually. I understand what he meant, but I'm not entirely sure I'm clever enough to act on it quite yet.

We did blind peer reviews in Effective Writing. I got some pretty good feedback, although I still have a few questions that I hope Colin can answer by Thursday. I emailed him tonight asking how well I have to do on the next two papers (argumentation and my final revision) to get a 4.0. Basically, I have to get A's on them. My first two papers were both on the border of 3.5/4.0, and although both my tests have been very high 4.0s (I got 105/100 on the first, and 98/100 on the second), I can't afford to screw up these next papers. No pressure!

I also figured out that I can only miss 35 more points in Lib. Letters and still get a 4.0. Or maybe it's a little higher than that...I may have miscounted...

I didn't get to attend the Leadership Banquet, as I positively had to work this afternoon. I'm sure it's ok: Brian can get me my ELP graduation certificate some other way. I feel a titch guilty about not emailing him to say I wasn't going to make it (as I RSVP'd a few days ago), but what's done is done, I suppose.

Things are going all right. I got a hold of someone in the Enrollment Office concerning my late cost estimate form. It sounds as if they'll still be able to accept it. Tomorrow, I have to go to the study abroad office and get a signature from Amy (or whoever her replacement is), and then bring the sheet to the E.C.
I don't find out if I get my scholarships until the first week in May, so I'm pretty excited and anxious for that.

All right. Alan's calling me back (I called him earlier to remind him the Drive In is closed on Sundays, which is when we were going to get together!)

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