Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Don't eat the papou

Ah, Tuesdays.

We didn't have Interpersonal Communication today. Kristen wasn't in at the office the hour previous to class time, so I wasn't surprised when Mark came into the classroom and told us she was sick.
I, instead of working in Admissions (Mary had relatively little for me to do), went back up to the room just in time to see Mitch before he left for class/work/wherever he goes at 10 AM on Tuesdays.

Effective Writing went all right. We have a peer-ready draft of our essay due Thursday; I did rough notes instead. I did this for my last essay and got a better score than I did on the first, so maybe there's something to be said about not completing an entire rough draft long before the final is due.

We started trial #3 in Liberating Letters today. The prosecution's charge goes something like this: we charge Lord Henry with the corruption (and subsequent downfall) of Dorian Gray.
Essentially, they're arguing that Lord Henry was the reason Dorian became immoral and did all those not-so-nice things to people.
At the end of class, Bob congratulated the councils on using more textual evidence versus basic claims (as we had done so in the past--of course, owing to the fact that we were the experimental group). I agree with Bob: the whole trial seems much more stable. Certainly not in terms of rivalry (as it is present in the extreme); however, the trial has more concretely arguable points.
I was a witness for the prosecution; I played Dorian Gray. Naturally, I got into character: I preened while the councils discussed among themselves, I picked lint off my clothing, I gazed around at the jury with unmovable and probably discomforting smiles.
Sam was also a witness. I've noticed that he enjoys drawing out his answers; I'm sure the main time is wasted during trials is because of Sam Smith's ridiculously long replies.

I plan on playing just a titch of Diamond tonight, although I doubt it will be very much. I had many things to do tonight, and I by no means have finished them.

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