Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dionysus of a different kind

I am freaking out.

I drank three cups of coffee in a little under an hour.
To put this in perspective, I haven't drank more than a few sips of coffee in no less than three months.
I brewed a pot because I was feeling very sleepy (in a content, "It's gorgeous out, I have great, spring music playing, and I'd rather not do anything tedious right now" sort of way), and I had/have many things to get done. Not understanding, obviously, that drinking three cups of dark coffee in under an hour is largely unhealthy for anybody, I did so...and now feel like my heart is going to leap out of my chest. I'm also vibrating (do you ever get so cold or excited your body starts to quiver?). I've been like this for, oh, maybe two hours. Except that I no longer have anything to be excited about: the sun has gone down, it's getting chilly outside, and I haven't made any progress on my extensive work load due tomorrow.
Even typing this is incredibly difficult--my eyes are huge and keep wandering around the room.

Today was pretty good otherwise. I got to work with Ben for about an hour--we talked about various ridiculous things like 90s pop music (En Vogue!).
I lost my favorite pen today. It was green and wonderful. I especially need it now: I want to write out all the addresses for my donation request letters. I need the pen to be some color other than blue or black, though--to catch the eye of whomever picks up the mail at the various businesses I'm contacting. I bet purple would also be a good color to use. Purple or green. Both are very non-hostile colors (versus black/blue ink...those are so drab, and yell "This probably isn't mail you care to open!").

We finished Trial #3 today in Liberating Letters. I'm pretty certain I know which side I'm going with, but I won't disclose my decision until after the final verdict is made public.
We had a test in Lib. Letters, too. When Bob told us this test and the next would be short answer and essay, I became very excited. I am not entirely sure I'm excited about this anymore. Or, rather, I'm simply unhappy because two of the questions are very difficult.
I didn't finish (nor did half the class--and the other half had to stay late to finish), so I have to go to the Honors Suite tomorrow and complete the remaining questions. Bob said we can take as long as we need, which makes me somewhat more optimistic about the whole thing.

I got some great feedback on my rough draft/notes today in Effective Writing. I can't wait to actually write the full essay: I received some good suggestions about which topics inside my larger topic to pick. My larger topic (in case I haven't mentioned it yet) is the absolute significance of chapters one and two. My claim is this: The reason readers are so shocked at the moral decline of Dorian Gray is because for the first thirty or so pages, his character is raised to an incredibly high and unachievable standard by Basil--who, as obvious by his frequent rants, is incredibly bias about Dorian's true character.
Neat, eh?

I have Small Group Communication stuff to do tonight. I also have to prepare the political letters we got signed last week ready to mail tomorrow. I got my taxes from Mom in the mail today, so I have to sign them and shove them in envelopes as well.

I'm through. I can't pay attention any longer. I wish I could just pee out all the caffeine. Sadly, I'm more than likely only peeing out the water I drank earlier.

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Kristen Chamberlain said...

Oh Oh! I know this title. Dionysus was the Greek God of wine and parties (basically). Also known as Bacchus - hence the term bacchanalia to refer to crazy parties with lots of mind altering substances.