Sunday, April 27, 2008

Beauxbatons, you have a drug problem

Today was a good day.

I got the whole Liberating Letters brief done! Granted, I still have to edit it, and make sure it's not a piece of crap (Bob Groven has a scary scoring system), but at least it's completed. It's about five pages, which is the maximum. I admit to feeling a tad upset at my small number of textual sources, but seriously. SERIOUSLY. There are only so many pages I can refer to. Our House doesn't try to make points out of speculation and slippery slopes...

We (Tony, Brian, Katie, Mitch, and I) went to True Thai for dinner tonight. I had the Ultimate Pad Thai: it was delicious. Less spicy than I'd hoped, but it can't be helped now.
Afterward, we went to the Lagoon to see In Bruges (again, for Mitch and I). It was just as good the second time, and we enjoyed listening to the gang's interpretations and feelings about the ending and movie as a whole.

After the movie, we came back to Augsburg and played Super Smash Bros. Brawl (which I can tell is incredibly awesome; but, being as I'm awful at it thus far, it's really no fun). I played as Zelda the few times I got to try (the rest of the time, I made butterscotch pudding and cinnamon/sugar spoiled friends). It's ok, though: Mitch said the rental is for six days, so I'll get some playtime in between now and Thursday. My hardest final is Tuesday (curse you, Bob Groven!), so if I can get through that, I'll be fine. I've already typed up my Interpersonal Comm. exam answers, so all I have to do is insert them into the text boxes once the test comes up on Moodle.

Alan came to Augsburg after work. I like having him places.
We played BuzzWord (the Augsburg and Alan team lost by only a few points), and badgered Alan about his...err...interest...(I shall not say more!).

Tomorrow I'm going to work really hard on my Lib. Letters final exam study guide.

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