Monday, April 7, 2008

Austrian psycho, meet Qetesh

Mitch and I came back down to Augsburg today. I got to see Mom and Bob again quick before I left--they'd just got back from church. I, due to my curiosity, received two free dresses courtesy of Mom's old clothes. One is white with little Eiffel towers, umbrellas, and people on it--it's a titch too big, but can easily be fixed with a little craftiness on my part. The other dress is tan with rustic shapes all over it; it fits wonderfully, too.
I'm having trouble deciding what sort of wardrobe to bring to Japan. I have two choices: lots of loose t-shirts, shorts, and tennies, or lots of light dresses and heels. Or, I suppose, a third option is a mix of both. I don't care to impress young Japanese men (my advances would most likely not go over well; also I have no need to, having the best young man on the planet already), so I wouldn't need to worry about dressy-dresses and dressy-pants--were it not I needed them for school or shrine visits, etc. Oh, what to do?

Mitch got his birthday present on the way back down today: a PS3. He'd planned on getting a BluRay player, but the PS3s were the exact same price as the BluRay players at Best Buy, so he figured it'd be smartest to buy something with multiple capabilities. I'm going to be totally honest with y'all: it's wicked cool. Now, I stand by Nintendo and it's magnificent Wii, but the PS3 is darn cool. Mitch said he wasn't going to buy any games right away, because it's primarily his BluRay player, but he's bought one already--Call of Duty or something or another. Some game that didn't sound appealing to me. I've never been a fan of Splinter Cell, Call of Duty, or any of those others. I detest stealth, and war junk's never been my cup of tea.

I didn't get to play any Diamond tonight; I've been chugging away at my donation request letters. It's incredibly tedious work; I have to label two sets of envelopes (the big ones that I mail the letters in, and then the small ones I include so it's more convenient for businesses to send me money), then I have to print off the letters with donation amounts on the back (so I have to manually turn everything around). I have to retype which business I'm sending to in the Dear ___ spot, farther down in the letter, and then again on the back. When I'm all done printing off those, I have to print off my program info and my CIEE acceptance letter--again, front to back. Sealing up the envelopes is the only task that goes mildly well every time.

It's late; I'd better get to bed. But before I hit the sack, tell me what, if anything, the government should or will do in the future to outlaw the sale of cigarettes. Give me details.

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