Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ariadne, keep your lover in line

Spring Music Jam!
I'm so proud of Mitch. He has such a knack for this type of thing (business). I left before the Spill Canvas played, but I'm pretty sure I'm the only one. I may also be the only person at Augsburg to dislike the Spill Canvas. This has not been verified by research, however, so you never know. Needless to say, the whole thing apparently went very well. I got another free t-shirt, which adds to the dozens I've received this year.
I really should keep a tally, no?

I did many constructive and pleasurable things today. I cleaned the whole place: it was long overdue. I wrote three pages of my Effective Writing essay (classical argument). I decided I am the master of all things Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and that reusing assignment topics for multiple classes is the single smartest thing I can do in college. I read the whole first volume of the Kingdom Hearts CoM manga. I went to choir this morning. I made my own dinner (broccoli and cheese soup with bread, and later as a snack, tuna fish sandwiches). You may mock, you good cooks, but making anything by myself and having it turn out all right is an accomplishment. I seem to have particularly awful luck while cooking. Even my macaroni noodles taste funny. Baking usually turns out OK...
I did laundry. I put away my laundry (hey, sometimes those don't happen in the same day). I completed my Small Group Comm. blogs (five days late, I admit). Oh, and I got my political fix during a ten minute viewing of CNN.

See? I did a lot of neat stuff today. I await your praise.
It's only 10 PM, but load time for choir tomorrow morning is 7:15 AM, so I'm heading into the bathroom (or, the biffy, as my Grandma calls it) to scrub my teeths and mask (the thing that disguises my face).
I might add, however, that the hooligans living next to us had better quiet down, lest I call DPS on their intoxicated tails. I cannot afford to lose sleep!

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