Thursday, March 27, 2008

Try Baubo

Today wasn't all that eventful. It was a nice day, regardless.
I made $10 in less than five minutes. It was a follow up to the experiment I participated in the week before break. This time, all I had to do was look at a few faces and check boxes saying whether they were the culprit or not.
We went back to having Groven in Liberating Letters: as you may remember, guest speakers have run class the last two days. We got the test packets back so we could see where we went wrong: I argued two points, but lost them both. With good reason, as they were simply things I overlooked (I apparently made up something about Galileo--or maybe it was just clever interpretive reading...). Ah well. I received the same score as last time; it's a decent score: one that I'd like to be higher, but can handle. I don't anticipate getting anything higher than a 3.5 in that class. Jonathan told me in Effective Writing that Bob rarely gives 4.0s--and if you truly think you deserve one, you have to somehow convince him in a one-on-one conversation: something I'm sure is incredibly difficult to do, as he went to law school and knows a thing or two about debate.
Ah well (x2). What cannot be helped cannot be helped, I suppose. It wasn't as if I'd carry a 4.0 through college--what, with shooting for two degrees, being in the Honors Program, and being involved in many extra things? It is just not realistic. Nor do I mind: I received mediocre-high grades in high school, but impressed my scholarship judges with my incredibly deep activities resume. It's all about balance.

I'm listening to Namie Amuro. She's so darn catchy. Many of her songs are incredibly sexual (or at least, somewhat), but I don't mind. I'm fascinated by the topics of sex and sexuality in different cultures. It's neat to compare how much or how little of a taboo the two topics are.

I've been fretting and stressing a good deal about the next few weeks. However, in an effort to get a grip on my emotions and health, I've taken a good look at what I actually have to do. I've decided that if it wasn't for all the choir concerts on my schedule, I wouldn't have THAT much to do (beyond what is normal for my very full schedule). It's almost as if my planner scares me; it's like a double-edged sword: without it, I would have absolutely no bearing on what I'm supposed to do or what I'm supposed to remember, however, it also frightens me--I can see all that I have to do at once, and it's almost as if my mind thinks I have to do them all in a matter of little time. Which is partly true, but I also must remember that if I time things right, I don't work in the afternoons on Thursday and Fridays, so I have those to get a few more things done. Granted, it just so happens that I have choir concerts on those days...but I should probably ignore that fact, lest I become so stressed I have seizures again.

On a more pleasant note, I got my next Netflix movie in the mail: this one's a Pokemon movie. Yes, I know they're terrible, but that doesn't matter: I have an undying love for kitschy, kawaii (roughly translated to "cute" from Japanese; it can also refer to a certain style of fashion) things such as adorable creatures who kick ass.

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