Monday, March 31, 2008

Corruption Crossing: watch for ephors

This morning (meaning choir) went all right. It was sort of a bummer getting up incredibly early and then boarding a bus for church (I am not a Christian, nor do I hold stock in the Christian faith--as my readers may well know). However, during the second service, a small boy who looked very much like the boy from A Christmas Story got up in front of the congregation and did some cute antics. Of course, they were not asked for, or intentional, but being so adorable naturally, all his movements and facial expressions were cute automatically.

I finished Dorian Gray!!!! The ending is spectacular. During Effective Writing last week, people said how the middle (Gray's large number of fascinations) slowed the story down a bit, and then all of a sudden, the whole thing picked up until the very climactic ending. They were right; the final chapters are extremely tense: I raced to the final page--even though I was getting to the point of too-much-reading.
Overall, it was a great read, and I suggest it for anybody with enough hold on the English language to appreciate the wordiness and dialogue.

I found Spirituality of the Cross! It's a book we used in Religion 100 last semester, and I'd put it on to sell, but when it was finally sold, I couldn't it! I had to refund the buyer, who was thankfully understanding. Lone behold, I discovered it in a bin underneath my bed in Urness. Spirituality of the Cross just happens to be the text from Religion I detest most; what a poo that I must have it the longest.

I'm getting increasingly agitated about not having a good copy of my solo. Stupid CD Roms and their scratching. Hooray for digital music (I won't limit that to MP3s).

ELP got out an hour early tonight. Brian couldn't be there, so the mentors ran the deal. We had sandwiches and soup (catered by the evil Sodexho). I colored while listening to tips on advertising and event-planning. It was a good session: we went over some crucial facets of leading an organization (budget planning included).

Mitch and Charles went to Ikea earlier today; Mitch bought a TV stand, a bookshelf, and a new desk. All my books (at least, those I brought to school with me) and most of my DVDs can now fit into one area. This makes me incredibly happy. The desk he bought is a smaller alternative to that he's used so far for the company computer. Now, there is a great deal of area for walking between our fake wall and the real one.

Don't let me forget to post for Small Group Communication. Blogs for that class are now due on Mondays at one, which means I have time to complete them directly after class, but somehow I still have trouble remembering to do them...

Since I didn't have any pressing homework to do (I have a paper draft due Thursday; I also have a test that day), I took out my lovely DS and played Diamond for a while. My Luxray (Ajax) and I won a cute contest together. Gooo, Pokemon!

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