Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thetis loves tassels

I saw Ernie and Maggie and Boris and Sadie and Bunny! YAY!

Spring break fever was visible on campus all day. People didn't come to meetings, nobody paid much attention to anything, and generally it was a happy day. Not to mention it was payday (hoorah for Japan-money!). I didn't edit any pictures in time to turn them in for Homemade, so my paycheck was lacking a little, but it was still a good amount. I have two checks to deposit in GMCU when it reopens for the week.

Maggie's face is shaved: I told her she looked dorky and Mom got slightly offended. She does, though. She's fluffy everywhere except her face: it makes her look disproportionate.
Ernie's still chunky, Bunny's still old, Boris is still excitable, and Sadie still looks like a stray--or as Mom calls her, a "homeless person dog."

We had meat and gravy on toast with broccoli and cheese for dinner tonight. Delicious! We then had blueberry muffins and red berry tea. We talked for a little bit and then played co-op on Perfect Dark. We got through the first level (DataDyne Institute), the Carrington Villa, and then we attempted the Skedar Ruins--but being the last mission, and incredibly hard, we failed. Mom died first, and then I died--but didn't come back! So Mom had very little life and I wasn't alive at all, so we aborted. It was to be expected: it's hard enough to complete that mission if you've been playing the game for a while--much less even get to the end where the boss is. The Skedar King! He's difficult. And if you die, you have to do the whole thing over again. It's a freakin' bugger.

Colin gave us homework to do, but it's not much, so it's not really a big deal. I knew I'd have to read The Picture of Dorian Gray over break anyway, and writing a few responses (our homework) isn't that much more. I also have a Small Group Comm. blog to write by Monday at one, but again, it's not like I have to write a paper. That would blow.

Mom's making crepes tomorrow for breakfast: crepes with fruit inside and whipped cream on top. Kore wa oishii desu! (This is delicious!)

Over spring break, certain campus organizations have things planned for the people who aren't going anywhere. I'm pretty sure there are bike expeditions, campus kitchen shifts, and other neat things. Too bad I'm at home, enjoying homemade food, a big bed, and pets. :P

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