Friday, March 7, 2008

Thanatos plays the banjo

We had Peter today for choir. Apparently, Nancy was in North Dakota. I remembered she'd be gone, but I didn't know she was way the heck over there. It was a nice rehearsal: I looked at the clock once; otherwise, we hammered out our super long song (I have no idea what its real title is). I was, as to be expected, frustrated when Peter told us to put emphasis on beat one of each measure--we did it for about a minute--and then forgot. What is it with ensembles?

I worked at 1:25 today. I get more visual stimulation when there are many people who I don't know coming in and going out of the office. I'll try to make my work hours next semester coincide with busy times. Maybe during chapel or around lunch or something. I can't remember what my schedule for next semester looks like (I worked on it a butt-load again today), but when I take the sheet it's written on back out, I'll post it to No, I Am a Cat. Oh yeah, guess what? I can't take a Japanese course next semester! Since I'll be eligible to start in the upper level elementary course, and that course is only offered in the spring, I'll have to take a semester off (I'm getting my first "semester" in this summer, remember?). I'll have to just keep up on my studies and use my new-found knowledge of various kanji, etc. in my everyday communication.

Guess what I found out? College students can take CLEP tests! However: since Liberating Letters is currently fulfilling my humanities requirements, there would be no point in me taking a CLEP for that...even though that's the test I'd be most likely to pass. It's too bad I never made it to the Reformation in my independent study--I could take the Western Civilization I test. Poo.
It would be really nice to know a thing or two about microeconomics--I could get that pre-req out of the way...I did very well in high school economics (I think like, 99% or something), but that's no guarantee I actually know anything about the field of study.
It would also cost me money to take a CLEP exam, whereas high school students can take it for free (or $15 or something). Why didn't I just try one? I'm a silly goose.

We discussed our National Day of Silence initiative during our Small Group Comm. meeting. We decided that if Ryan's plans don't carry through, we're not going to do the project at all. We can't afford (literally--we wouldn't get the budget and materials in time) to wait for high schools to reply two weeks before the actual event...if at all. If this happens, we'll simply place all our emphasis on the political letter writing.

Mitch judges tonight: I can't wait! I can taste the terrible-for-me pizza and chicken strips. And the blue-cream soda. And the turtle mocha cappuccino. YUM!
I'm bringing my Game Boy so I can get in some more hours on Emerald.
Speaking of Emerald--guess who got to play it for two hours today between classes? THIS GIRL. I love my new Friday schedule.

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