Monday, March 24, 2008

Siris did it first


I had two Easter dinners today.
First, we headed to Mitch's great aunt's house: she lives over by Priya in a cute little house. We had ham (cooked in pineapple), beans, salad, and sour cherry pie (which I'm not sure if I liked or not).
After dinner/lunch, we plopped on the couch and took a nap amidst the drum of older-person-chatting.
Following that, we left for Mitch's grandparents' to see Mike and Trisha (and we thought Leah and Steve, but they were already gone). Then we left for my house to eat another delicious dinner prepared by Mother-dearest. We also ate birthday cake while watching Elizabeth. Mitch left right after dinner, as he has laundry to get done before we leave tomorrow--although I strongly suspect he'll call Brian up.

Anyway, I'm dreading heading back to class. Not that I dislike class, because that couldn't be further from the truth. Rather, the semester is winding down, which means I have projects and papers galore (not to mention a trial) to stress about. WAIT: I mean, not stress. I can get through everything: it won't be that bad.
I've got to keep my spirits up. Optimism means healthier Ali which means better performances.

Twins opener is coming up, which is incredibly exciting...and can't come soon enough.

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