Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sappho surely wears sapphires


Tonight we played Game Party on the Wii. Since there are seven contests, we split up into teams: Bob and Tyler versus me and Mom. It was tied until the very end, and then the men won. After that, Mom connected the Wii to the internet for the first time, downloaded a ton of updates, and then poked around on the shop channel and others. She downloaded the Check Mii Out channel, although we didn't get to play with it. She explored the Forecast and News channels--and subsequently decided she never has to leave the living room again. She can sit in the recliner, order pizza, wheel the recliner around to open the door and pay the delivery person, and then continue playing her games. If she needs to check the weather or see what's happening in the world, all she has to do is go to the Wii main menu and all that information is only a few clicks away.

I played around on the computer for a while today: checking email and looking for movies that I can watch on my computer through Netflix. La Vie en Rose is one of them! Hoorah.
While I was doing that, Mom played Wind Waker. Lots of mini games, including the puzzles in the island getaway shack thing and the battleship play-alike.
After that, I played Emerald version for...oh, I don't know...maybe five hours. She took a nap while Windfall Island music played in the background, and then got up and started dinner.
Bob came home tonight, and Tyler came with. We had roast chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, grapefruit, dinner rolls, and milk for supper. Delicious! I wish I could eat like this every day.

I practiced my Zelda tunes on the piano again. I'm getting pretty good at Hyrule Castle, although Title Screen is easy enough to be good at as well.

Ernie's getting to go to sleep, so I'd better oblige before he changes his mind. I love sleeping with Ernie! He's the best sleeping partner (with fur). :)

One more thing: Come back home safely, Mitch!

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