Monday, March 10, 2008

Persephone, the telephone

Today in Small Group Comm., my group decided we won't pursue the National Day of Silence project (in which we would provide local schools with event materials free of charge). We discussed it with Kristen, and she thought our political letters shibang would be enough for the project.
It would have bee nice to do the National Day of Silence deal, but it just wasn't working out.

Mitch and I are watching The Sopranos; we're almost done, which means that we get to watch other things like City of God and Elizabeth. Of course I'll be a bit sad that it's over, because by god it's a beautifully crafted series--every episode, every minute of it--but it's all we've watched for the past semester. I can't imagine having to watch it over a span of years: how aggravating.

I completed my whole jury ballot tonight. Once I got started on it, it went by fairly quickly. I hope it's quality work, because I really need some good grades in Liberating Letters. I did all right on the test, but I didn't get 49 out of 50 like Sam did.

I restarted my Netflix account: I purchased the one DVD at a time--with a limit of two a month, in addition to two hours of computer watching plan. I chose this plan because it is not only the cheapest (and goodness knows I'll be scraping my piggy jar for Japan), but it also keeps me from watching too many movies instead of doing quality homework. I know my limits: I understand that if there's something else I could be doing, I'm sure to be distracted by it. The same goes for CNN (Adult Swim works, too): turn the darn thing off until I'm all finished with everything I need to do, or else either none of it will get done, or it won't be very nicely completed.
Anyway, the first DVD I'll be getting is Pokemon Movie 7: Destiny Deoxys. Laugh all you want (I sort of deserve it--no Pokemon movies have actually been "good"), but apparently it has lots of Plusle and Minun action, which is worth the horribleness of the rest of the movie.
I'm happy to see that Welcome to the Dollhouse, which is at number five in my queue, can be watched online--so I won't have to count it toward my DVD limit. However, I'm not sure if I can even take advantage of the online watching feature, as my computer's relatively old (it's got Windows XP, but it's still from tenth grade). I also don't have Internet Explorer (who the heck uses that anymore?), so I'll have to re-download it. It better not infect my baby (my computer) or let all sorts of nasty crap into it. I really can't afford to have the over-charging Geek Squad fix it, and I laugh at Mitch's suggestion of getting a new one all-together.

Sherie, Craig, and I might go in on a Blu Ray player for Mitch's birthday. He has some weird obsession with owning all the movies he likes, even if he rarely watches them over again. But who am I to talk? I converse with my stuffies.

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Next time I am over I can show you a way to use IE through Firefox securely.