Sunday, March 9, 2008

Nobunaga had no pets

I pretended to do homework for about four hours today. I had my Liberating Letters jury ballot to write (three pages, which is barely a paper at all), and a test to study for. That's all I had to do! And yet, I couldn't get it done. I stared at my computer for, oh, I don't know, maybe two full hours--and for the rest of the time, I watched whatever crap Mitch had on the television.
I did these things and not my homework until about 4:30, at which I got ready for my second Emerging Leaders Program session.
Tonight in ELP, we discussed time management skills for about an hour and a half. We tried to discover what our biggest time wasters are, and what we'd rather be doing than some of the things we're currently doing. We also talked about why we think we need to do certain things: societal pressures, parental pressures...After that, we did a little questionnaire type thing and found our "true color," which is supposed to tell us our methods and leadership characteristics. I'm an orange, which means I'm bold, courageous, spontaneous, and individualistic while leading.

I intend to play lots of Emerald version as soon as I'm done with this entry. Since I caught Plusle Saturday night, I now have both Plusle and Minun, and so I need to get them up to roughly the same level my other three main Pokemon are at (Skitty and Beautifly are at 26, and Marshtomp is at 25). Currently, Plusle is at 12 and Minun is at 13. It'll take a while to get them up to where they need to be, but it's worth it, considering my love for their eventual power in battle.

Apparently a small kitchen fire broke out in Mort last night: somebody was cooking irresponsibly, I'm sure. The building was evacuated, but happily, Mitch and I were not there, and thus didn't have to stand in the cold. It is a little scary, though: knowing that it doesn't have to be my fault--somebody else could burn all my things to the ground.

I plan on wearing my Pikachu t-shirt tomorrow: I feel the need to be strange.

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