Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nate's maladaptive medicine

We had some pretty good discussions today in Interpersonal Comm. about language and its effects on attitudes or beliefs held about certain groups or people in society. We talked about racism, sexism, ageism, and heterosexism. I applied the current political situations to the discussion about ageism: how "young voters" are churning the political seas, such and such.
What are "young voters," exactly? What is this term supposed to imply--that there are older, more "experienced" voters? I truly do not think there is such an ability--having experience at voting. While politics in the United States have remained relatively the same for a while, the country ultimately benefits the most from varying perspectives: this includes having "nonexperienced" voters!

I took the Effective Writing test today: it wasn't hard--until I got to the works cited page. I had to find ten errors. This, although seemingly simple, was not! I've never created a works cited page from scratch in my life! I've always used or Never have I even paid attention to the actual mechanics of works cited! Somehow, I managed to scrape ten errors out anyway (by searching for patterns, and finding portions that didn't fit with those patterns).

We were supposed to take the Liberating Letters test today, but it got pushed back until Tuesday again. While this is somewhat exciting, it does mean that I have to complete my jury summary and study for the test this weekend. A prospective student came into our class today to watch: Britton was her name. I remember entering her into the system, but I didn't remember where she was from (that's asking far too much), so I asked her...and I've already forgotten. So many things have been crammed into my head today, though.

I tried to figure out my next three years of college tonight: I made a list of all the classes I'll have to take. I can complete my double major in time to graduate, but only in theory at this point. Really, it all depends on when things are offered, what I'm going to do next summer (that conference I want to attend is apparently being hosted overseas in 2009), and how many summer classes I'll be able to cram in among travel, research, and internships.

Tomorrow, Mitch judges for the first time in a long while. It's a hard rock night, but I'm going along anyway--the free food and cappuccino are worth the inevitable headache.
Don't let me forget to grab earplugs, however!

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Alan said...

I think the young voter is one that is not already set in their ways. They don't hold allegiance to a particular party, and are more open to examining the issues and finding a good candidate based on those issues.

Conversely, young voters are also very likely to blunder into the voting process without properly informing themselves.

You are right, you can't just lump the "young voter" into one group.