Monday, March 3, 2008

Minotaurs make it happen

This weekend has been very nice.

Friday night, I can't remember what I did. And that isn't for any particular reason, I just can't remember. Oh! Now I do: Mitch and I went out to Pizza Luce with Megan Sahlstrom, her roommate, Tony, Katie, and Alan. Mitch made me buy a large pizza (half pepperoni, half green pepper), and of course we didn't eat it all.
After Pizza Luce, Megan and her roommate headed home, while the rest of the gang came over to our dorm. I made cinnamon cake, we played Guitar Hero, watched various things on the television, and then they left for St. Thomas (and Coon Rapids, for Alan).

Saturday night: Mitch took me on a date to see Persepolis!!! It was as good as I hoped: the animation was wicked (I particularly enjoyed the sneaky use of The Scream by Edward Munch), the acting was nice, it was in French so I got to exercise my fast-reading skills, and it was dark. I like dark things--novels, movies, jokes. I have a dark sense of humor.
What I didn't know about the movie was that the main girl is based off a real person. I knew that the whole thing was taken from a comic, but apparently the author of the comic is the girl that she created. Neat.

Today: Basically, I rocked it up hardcore. I got my Effective Writing essay done (I'm going to edit, proofread before I turn in my final copy on Tuesday), I wrote the draft letter to the alumni which various Honors students will eventually be conversing with, I said yes to being questioned by the prosecution on Tuesday in Liberating Letters, I printed off things that needed to be printed off, and theeeeennnnnn: I played Emerald Version! Hoorah!
You see, Alan had seen my plight explained on No, I Am a Cat, and brought both Sapphire and Emerald version to Friday night's festivities so I could borrow them. He's so thoughtful!
And so, for the first time in two weeks, I did something that wasn't work: I started a new file on Emerald, chose Mudkip as my starter, and leveled Juno (his name) up to 10.
I'm awesome.
But today doesn't end there! I had my first Emerging Leaders session tonight. It was fantastic: we were sorted into groups, did skits, learned things about getting up in front of groups we didn't think would be learned, and ate food (I snuck a piece of pizza...I regretted that decision...I also ate an orange and stole some G2 or whatever that new Gatorade is called).
After ELP, I went to the library, finished up the Queer Talent Show fliers, printed them off (finally), and headed back to Mitch, who was busy watching Jackass and balancing Twin Cities Prod.'s checkbook. What a businessman.
I washed the dishes, ate some cake, played Emerald until about 10:50ish, and here I am.


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