Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Megara gives me migraines

David Lapakko said I could be in his Argumentation class next fall!
The reason this is so exciting: Argumentation has a pre-req of Comm. 111 (and some other things). I haven't taken Comm. 111 yet, but there's only one offered next fall--and it's privileged to first years --so I again wouldn't have the pre-req completed. Well, Argumentation is the only other Comm. class offered next fall that pertains to my major, so I emailed Lapakko and asked him nicely if he'd let me in anyway. He said yes! Hoorah.
I still haven't figured out my full schedule: I met with Deb (see below for a full account of this meeting), and she wrote down a schedule I could do...but my ACTC Japanese class conflicts with everything, so I have to switch things around. So, really, I'm not sure if I'm actually going to take Argumentation yet, but if I want to, the option's there!

Ok--my meeting with Deb: She signed my major declaration form, and then we got to talking about my major, how close I am to being done with it, and what my plans for a double major are. I told her about my interest in marketing and international stuffs, and she suggested a major that sound fantastic: International Relations with an International Business concentration. It's another big major, making it hard to complete--so I'm not sure if I can actually fit everything in--but it's definitely on my "Hmmm..." list. She also suggested that I start thinking about what I want my research project to be (for the Honors Program...I think it can also count for departmental honors, but I'll have to check). She said maybe I could do a research internship in Japan the summer of my junior year. Doesn't that sound neat?

I turned in my second essay for Effective Writing today. I got the last one back, and I just barely missed getting a 4.0. BOO! The cutoff for a 4.0 was 94/100. I got 93! So I got a 3.5. I consoled myself by remembering how well I did on the first exam (105/100).

We started the second trial today in Liberating Letters. Brecht is being charged with intentionally harming the reputation of Galileo through his work, Galileo (II). I was called as the prosecution's first witness--to play myself. They asked me a bunch of questions that I hope I answered correctly, and then the defense asked me another bunch of questions: including my background in theater and how qualified I am to interpret Galileo. I totally rocked that question up.

I had QSU tonight: the board talked about what the board next year has to do. I'm considering dropping my application for the election: I'm becoming continually interested in something else...I'll let you in on it soonish.

Mitch is going home this weekend because an old friend wants to go out to dinner. I'm not going, even though I desperately want to: I'm going to work Saturday to fill up hours over spring break, during which I won't be working. I need all the hours I can get. I also may have another Emerging Leaders session on Sunday...

Tomorrow is my Small Group Comm. teaching presentation, so wish me luck. I plan to bring candy and use it as a way to get people to answer questions.

Oh--one more thing: Hillary won Rhode Island and Ohio tonight, and now she's acting like she secured the nomination. How pretentious. "Yes! I won 3 out of 16 states! I must be the front-runner!"

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