Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ludovico the large

Mitch and I went on a date tonight to the Uptown Theater: we saw In Bruges--it was fantastic. I wasn't sure whether it was a quality movie until about a half hour in, but I changed my mind after that. Mitch claims it's the best movie he's ever seen; I wouldn't say the same thing, but it was definitely a nice way to spend an evening. I'd never been to the Uptown before that, although Cherish always tried to get me to go even when I was a wee, unknowing lass. The popcorn had real butter (not that fake, cancer crap); I got a cup of mint tea, which was delicious, and I bought Mitch a root beer.
After the movie, we headed to St. Thomas to hang out with Tony, Brian, and their roommates. They'd just finished playing a D&D mod (the same mod we played in the summer of 2005, although of course, it wove its way differently). Both Aldar and Quarion are alive! The whole thing seems strange to me: as if I can't tell the different between reality and fantasy, much like most children can't.

I worked all day today: from 10 to 5. I didn't work excruciatingly hard, but I got stuff done--filing, some yellow folder stuff...Shira and I had a good discussion about City of God, City of Men, independent films, and the safety of foreign cities. Mitch got back from Milaca around 4:30. He waited until I got done with work so I could help him bring groceries, etc. up to the room. He bought more potatoes and more Life Water, so I'm happy.

I've decided I NEED to see Funny Games in a theater. Apparently, it's a remake, but from what I read online (which, naturally, isn't always accurate), it's incredibly terrifying. The crazy characters, from what I can see in the trailer, remind me of Alex DeLarge--the main psychopath from A Clockwork Orange.

I knew it! There's a Japanese exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and it goes until May 25--meaning I'll have plenty of time to go see it. I found it while looking for things that might be included in a perhaps-someday-fine arts independent study.

Tomorrow I have Liberating Letters homework: my jury brief and test-studying. I also have an Emerging Leaders session from 5-8 PM.

Alan left St. Thomas before we got there. That BOOB.
Also, I caught Plusle. Yay me!

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Alan said...

I am sorry Alison, I hope you can forgive me. I was incredibly tired. Almost too tired to have been driving home. I should have taken a short nap before leaving, could barely keep my eyes open.